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Shipley Energy

A Commercial Partnership to Fix a Fuel Spill

On December 15, 2015, Compleat Restorations give assitance with a fuel oil spill cleanup on behalf of our commercial partner, Shipley Energy. Cleaning fuel and its subsequent odor are both challenging and unique with every project. Customer service was imperative to Shipley Energy and swift response time was essential.

Identifying the affected areas was difficult since an initial clean-up was already performed. The affected areas were also in tight quarters making it difficult to perform services. Compleat Restorations and Shipley Energy worked together as a team to create the solution for the customer. Shipley was able to drain and remove the fuel tank to give Compleat the ability to maneuver. All surfaces with damage receive treatment and cleaning to remove as much of the fuel residual as possible. The source area was in an unfinished basement making the rough concrete floor difficult to clean. All affected areas were sealed and painted to lock in any odors that were not able to be remediated.

In conclusion, the result of this project was a happy Shipley Energy customer through their commitment to service recovery. Likewise, fuel spills are never easy to clean as the process usually involves crafting several steps to resolve the odor. Working under the expectations of both the homeowner and the fuel provider adds a new dynamic because there is a lot on the line, most importantly Shipley’s reputation. Teamwork with a focus on the customer was the key to success. It is the essence of a true partnership.

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