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Hurricane Matthew Cleanup & Recovery

Compleat Restorations Helped to Restore Hilton Head Island

Compleat Restorations was hard at work in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to help with Hurricane Matthew recovery. Our mobile restoration team proudly provided drying and restoration services to business owners and residents of Hilton Head.

Case Study – The Hurricane Hotel: Perfect Timing

October 9, 2016, is a date that the residents of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina won’t soon forget. Hurricane Matthew made landfall on the town after a mandatory evacuation of the island left an otherwise thriving community a storm-torn ghost town for a brief period. Compleat Restorations, in partnership with its national affiliates of Disaster Kleenup International (DKI), was dispatched to the island to help restore its homes and businesses. The day after the hurricane retreated, Compleat entered the island with a convoy of equipment, generators, and crews only to find that most places were inaccessible due to flooding and fallen trees. It was difficult to ascertain where to begin while being overwhelmed with such great need. We were in the middle of ground zero with barely a soul to talk to, but knew we had to follow our hearts to find those who needed our help the most.

Our journey began with a large oceanside resort hotel that was without power and had significant water damage from the hurricane winds and rain. The skeleton staff who remained at the hotel viewed our arrival as nothing less than a miraculous coincidence that we happened upon their place of business. No one else was around to help. They knew that it would only be a matter of days until residents returned needing a place to stay because their homes were left in an uninhabitable state due to the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. Two grand ballrooms, restaurants, guest rooms and hallways had significant water damage from the driving winds of the hurricane coupled with several roof failures. This was no garden variety water loss.

The goal sounded simple, but the challenge was great – dry the hotel as quickly as possible and save every and any portion of the structure without demolition. Carpets for resort ballrooms take a long time to order and install and the hotel was counting on us to get them back up and running in a matter of days.

The hotel quickly became our priority and our hurricane tractor trailer was called to the scene within an hour. All of our equipment was staged by the afternoon and began drying, but there was a problem. The carpets developed a pungent odor due to the moisture and humid climate and no matter how professionally we dried them the odor would likely still remain. Compleat responded by bringing a rush order of antimicrobial treatment to prevent any development of mold while eliminating the foul odor. Our plan worked and in 3 days, Compleat Restorations had the large 5 star hotel open for business at 75% capacity just as residents began entering the lobby in need of a place to stay. The newly arrived guests were unaware that the hotel suffered a loss.

Being properly prepared with extensive equipment and well trained professionals was the key to achieving business continuity for the hotel while saving them from unnecessary costly repairs. Successful partnerships in large commercial water losses are built on established goals, protocols, excellent communication, and in some cases, perfect timing.

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