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Weekend Water Loss: The Value of an Emergency Response Plan

On Sunday, April 24, 2016, Compleat Restorations was called by B&F Partners, a property management company, to assist with a water loss at Crooked Oak Professional Condominium Association. B & F Partners contacted Compleat as part of their Emergency Response Plan Protocol. Being a Compleat Restorations ERP client assures clients that they have the support before, during, and after a loss. Perhaps most important of all is the assurance of priority services for their facilities.

This water loss was a result of a refrigerator ice-maker line failure in a third-floor lunchroom that occurred on the weekend. Water ran undetected for two days, affecting multiple businesses on three levels. The damage was extensive, causing disruption to the business-as-usual routine of an average Monday.

Team Response

Firstly, the on-call team responded to the site in less than two hours to assess damages and make a drying plan. Furthermore, their first priority was to stabilize the structure. That is to say, six Compleat Restorations water trucks are on dispatch to assist. Monday was approaching, and the emergency crew worked diligently to mitigate damage and minimize business disruption. The crew initiated water extraction, removed damaged ceiling tiles, and set drying equipment in place. Monday arrived and with it, the need to establish communication with business owners. A chain of command was established with the crew leader and B&F Partners.

Meanwhile, containment was strategically is in place in order to adhere to safe drying practices and minimize noise from equipment for efficiency. For professionalism, Compleat’s crews give alerts to the office staff when work is in the process in their area. That extra level of communication receives appreciation.

In conclusion, the structure is now dry according to the proper Standard of Care. We remove the drying equipment from the site on May 5. Likewise, the staff are grateful to reestablish the business-as-usual routines since the water damage occurrence. The property management company receive the commendation for having an Emergency Response Plan. Receiving a priority response from a trusted, experienced restoration team in their time of need. It saved them valuable time and money.

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