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Where’s the Storm and Are You Safe?

Stay Connected. Stay Safe. Did you know that you carry a life saving device in your pocket?  Your smartphone is potentially the item that can save your life and the lives of loved ones in an emergency.  Taking a few moments to download these could be the difference between safety and catastrophe for you and … Continued

Are You Prepared for the Call of Survival?

What if you had to leave, NOW! Could you do it? By William L. “Bill” Harvey You are sitting in your home, perhaps reading a book. There is an emergency responder rapping upon your door telling you to evacuate the premises immediately, could you do it? There is no time to gather mementos, family portraits, … Continued

Manufacturing and Restoration Emergency Response Plan Partnerships

The manufacturing industry can be very delicate. Manufacturing plants are designed like machines and in many cases, if one thing goes wrong, it impacts several lines of manufacturing. This can lead to loss of sales, reduced capacity or disrupted customer service. Most value chains in manufacturing are designed to manage some level of disruption for … Continued

Walking You Through Disaster Planning

What’s your emergency plan doing for you? Does your business emergency plan sit on a shelf gathering dust? Do your employees know where to find it fast when they need it? Do you update your plan yearly? Have you made any personnel changes, rearranged office or production space, added any new equipment, or initiated a … Continued