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The Most Effective Water Damage Repair Tools and Techniques

When it comes to water damage repair, it can seem as though you are fighting a losing battle to keep your head above water—pun intended. Luckily, Compleat Restoration has been winning this battle for years, and we’ve compiled some of our best tips, tools, and techniques for you to use in your own home or … Continued

The Professional Mold Remediation Process: Learn the Steps

Mold can wreak havoc on the health and safety of your home or business, leading to ballooning costs with endless worry and frustration. So, a thorough mold remediation process is vital to restoring your home or commercial property to a clean and healthy environment that lets you get back to living and working mold-free. The … Continued

How to Prevent Mold Growth In Your Home

Concerned about how to prevent mold growth in your home? This article has all the info you need to make sure your bases are covered. We’re going to lay out the do’s and don’ts for preventing mold growth in your home. This includes strategies for reducing humidity, using mold-resistant materials, and more! Read to the … Continued

The Importance of A Quick Response To Business Water Damage Repairs

Ideally, operating a business means dealing with paperwork, customers, and managing your money. Unfortunately, sometimes unexpected situations arise that tear you away from the most important work. One of these “situations” that many owners run into is business water damage repairs.  In this article, we’ll break down the dangers of water damage, the types of … Continued

How to Prepare for a Restoration Company

It can be incredibly frustrating to have to put things on pause to deal with property restoration. This is true especially when it is severe enough to require a restoration company. Compleat understands the complications of how to prepare for a restoration, so we’ve put together a handy guide for you! Are you dealing with … Continued

Learn When To Call A Plumber For A Clogged Drain

Clogged drain can be a frustrating and inconvenient problem for homeowners. They can occur in a variety of household plumbing systems, including shower and bath drains, kitchen sinks, and floor drains.  There are a variety of common causes for severely clogged drains. Some clogs can be cleared with do-it-yourself methods such as using a plunger … Continued

What to Do If Pipes Burst In House

Ah! The dreaded burst pipe experience. It’s enough to make any home or business owner cringe. Yet, while dealing with a burst pipe is never fun, there are ways to minimize the damage and, ultimately, the frustration brought about by burst pipes and flooding. So, let’s take a look at what to do when dealing … Continued

Electrical Fires: Prevention, Damage, and Restoration

Electrical fires pose a massive danger to buildings, both commercial and residential. Electronics of all shapes and sizes are common in our lives, and the amount of power feeding these components is only increasing. Electrical fires require a good degree of prevention to avoid damage, and what does happen will require proper restoration. This article … Continued

A Complete Guide to Preparing Your Home for A Flood

There’s a long winter ahead of us, and something even more menacing awaits us on the other side—flood season. As the snow and ice melt, many areas of the U.S., especially in the East, are subject to heavy flooding. This can be catastrophic for those households that are unprepared. Are you worried about the dangers … Continued

Modern Solution To A Business Flood

Running a business means hard work and long hours. When you run into complications, the stress can build faster than you’re prepared for. If you find yourself facing a company flooding issue on your property, you may feel as though you’re at your wit’s ends.  The damage is often extensive, and different parts of a … Continued